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what we are doing . . . .

We are working on own projects exclusive for our clients and on commission of artists, so they can profit by our experience in realising art-projects for years.

how we are doing it . . . .

To reach the desired high quality we had to get fond of the idea. The enthusiasm of all involved parts is an important presupposition. This in mind we do accept in some cases an part of the produced edition for our fee.

This is the way our "programm" originate - a exclusive selection of works, we only give to people for our own costs.

Proceeding things this way is the result of our activities in arts over the years:

We are seriously engaged to improve artists possibilities. Presenting the selection of our artists on this pages is one of our recommendations for their work. We are fond of the quality and the individual way each one brings art into live.

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artists edition program craftmanship friends gallery home

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