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Peter Valentiner
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Peter Valentiner

born 1941 - in Copenhagen , Denmark - living and working in Germany and France

contact by his personal site

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1960 - 63 studies at the Ecole des Beaux - Arts of Tours
1964 studies at the atelier of Alberto Greco in Madrid
since 1965 free artists
workingspace : paiting, graphic
since 1991 free trainer for :
creative advertisment
design and motivation

working-projects / awards:

1969 -71 Tours founder and president of the Salon "ENVIRONS"
1970 -71 Tours founder and member of the "Groupe 37"
1971 -72 Paris founder and member of the Collectif d' Intervention POLYPTYQUE

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1973 -75 Paris member of the comitee des "Salon de la Jeune Peinture"
1973 -75 Paris co-founder with Francoise Palluel of the Galerie de l'AARP
1979 -87 Trier teacher at the Europäische Akademie für bildende Kunst
1984 Trier conzept and organisation of the exhibition "Spuren und Zeichen" - Europäische Malerei der Gegenwart - zur 2000 Jahr Feier in Trier with Erich Kraemer
since 1987 Europa numerous art-trainees and art-journies as organisizer and teacher e.g.
1989 Mettingen Sommer-Kunstakademie
1990 Gerolstein Sommer-Kunstakademie
1990-96 Vulkaneifel Sommer-Kunstakademie, Burg Lissingen
since 1997 Erkelenz Sommer-Kunstakademie, Hohenbusch

exhibitions :

since 1965 partizipation in numerous exhibitions in France, Germany, Luxembourg, Spain, Switzerland, Portugal, Italy and Korea
since 1967 numerous personal exhibitions in Paris, Madrid, Hamburg, Berlin, Marburg, Cologne, Trier, Saarbrücken, Bayreuth and Munich

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represented in collections of the following museums and galleries :

Mnam, Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris
Sammlung der Stadt Mainz
Bayer Collection, Pittsburg, USA
Gemeente Museum, Hellmond Netherlands
Francoise Palluel, Paris
von Westernhagen, Cologne
art d'oeuvre, Colgne
Marianne Meyer, Bayreuth
Atelier 2000, Recklinghausen
copyright Peter Valentiner

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