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free - offer

If your gallery is engaged in original artwork of todays artists we like to add your street adress with one basic-link, phone , fax and the list of your associated artists without cost to our indices .

more links

For your quick contact to customers we place your link near each artist of yours in our artists-index for an 50,- Euro one-time-fee .

the global gallery !

If you're looking for a certain piece of art world wide , become with your e-mail adress a member of our "global gallery".

The search is done by us for free. You receive qualified questions from other gallerists and you have one way more to satisfy serious ambitions of your clients . Additionally you encrease the link to your clients saying : "one gallery does it all". Show your competence as

member of the global gallery

Only on success the client's gallery handles a 1% fee over to the web'Galerie Voigt Edition.

the intention of is explained in the following :

what can INTERNET do ?

The vision of "big business" with clients waiting worldwide is , if possible , only to realise with software . Today INTERNET means a huge library growing each day having its public entrance via searchmachines , which working-quality encreases . The time saving effect by the direct access to visual and acustical records is not really appreciated by the normal surfer .

To the serious client the INTERNET will establish as second verification of his questions : "where can I find ?" and "something left ?" , of course if there is enough and serious information in the INTERNET .

This usage of INTERNET - as international dictionary of trade with current information and pictures - at a moderate price , is interesting for a gallery too .

why ?

The serious surfer who had clicked himself to the pages of his interest , trough a lot of unwanted animated timewaisting advertising , finding information of weeks ago , who can tell him to there again ?

If you got your own homepage nevertheless your are not the same day listed at the "top ten" , or will be found under the keewords you desired . For each search-engine got its own strategy and they are changing . Even an expencive professional one-time registration on hundrets of robots will not do a lasting sucsess you need .

With galleries will get more clients without the ranking in search-robots. Our site shows listings, so customer typemissmatch isn't possible - he will see similar names and what's up in the neighbourhood. Everyone get his chance to be found. The frustrating message "no searchresults" from the searchmachine doesn't appear.

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