artist's service art -
  • you get without costs :
  • your name + link together with "your" gallery will be published at art-info's artist-index
  • the homepages of artists without representing gallery will be listed with link under "free artist's homepages

For further contact the email of the web'Galerie Voigt Edition

one word on business rule and organisation :

Listing you is done by as personal recommendation to it's visitors. Contracts were done on our own free decision.

The separate areas for publishing artists with and without gallery should not build a "vertical" community. It's for giving you a better chance :

  • artists who don't want a gallery-relation will be quicker found by their customers !
  • artists who do want a gallery-relation will be quicker found by gallerists !

For a single name is lost in a long listing, our recommendation for you should easily be found by our visitors !

thank you for interest !....

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